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A common cause of damp problems and timber decay in a roof is due to eroding underlay felt to the lower eaves section of your roof, and blocked gutters. the under lay is the secondary roof covering which is fitted prior to fixing the roof tiles and also acts as protection to the tops of timber fascia boarding by diverting water to the gutters, the fascia boarding is connected to the main roof rafters which are supported by a timber plate that spans the full length of the roof, this protective layer becomes brittle and erodes back beyond the fascia boarding, if you have moss to your roof this falls in to the gutters and blocks the outlets and causes water to over-spill and create damp problems to other parts of your building, some that are quite visible like damp patches and eroding mortar to the external walls and eroding plaster to the internal walls but more worrying is the damage being caused to other parts of the building that you cannot see and the lower eaves section of your roof is one of those areas that if left can result in major restoration work which can cost many thousands of pounds and can be prevented.


PVC replacement fascia boarding has become the no1 choice in replacing timber fascia boarding due to being low maintenance and rot free and fitted with the eaves protector and a new rain water system can provide permanent protection to the lower eaves section of your roof which is out of sight, the timber effect fascia boarding is an excellent alternative being used in some conservation areas where preserving the character of your building is highly recommended.


For those that would like to retain their timber boarding Or any one that is in charge of an historic building or lives in certain conservation areas then replacing timber for PVC is not an option! We can restore all your existing timber fascia, soffits and vertical cladding or replace any rotting timber boarding with new and carefully match it with your existing and if you do live in a conservation area there are certain laws that you will need to adhere to so it is essential that you use a roofing company that is experienced in dealing with local authority as the last thing you will want after your initial investment is a fine!

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